Have you ever been undecided about which sweater to wear in the morning?
Or which is the best character of a TV series?

Pizza margherita or pizza with pepperoni?

Sometimes the best way to solve a simple doubt.

Sometimes the best way to solve a simple doubt is by asking the world.

Ask the world.

The idea

The idea

Quevey is a social networking app available for iOS and Android where you can ask for people’s opinion when you have some doubts in a simple way and get instant feedback. Everyone can create, share and answer simple questions through an innovative format.

Once published, the posts go viral and visible on the homepage of all user around the world. People can see the choices of their friends and discover users with same interests and tastes.

Quevey is also your daily dose of entertainment by voting many different surveys every day and helping other people decide for the best!



Two simple and intuitive formats


Choose the pictures that better suit your doubt, create your Quevey and go viral


Give your contribution by picking your choice and see how the answers evolve in real time


Boost your quevey by making it more visible

Learn even more about your friends' taste and meet people with same interests

Your opinion can help your friends take wise decisons and make the difference.

Your choice matters!

Profile screen screenshot

As you start using Quevey you realize that both “survey” and “question” are too weak words to define what a “quevey” really is, so our team had the perfect idea of mixing the words question and survey and the name Quevey was born.

Quevey logo